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New A/B/A Line from FKI for CaCO3 Usage

27  Jun


Dear Guests,

As you know lately the usage of Calcium Carbonate Compound in HDPE and LDPE film production is highly increased and the quality of the films decreased alot. We have a new idea to eliminate this problem with our new FKI/BFT lines. These lines have the die layer structure as A/B/A and the usage of the Calcium Carbonate Compound remains in the middle layer of the film as B extruder. A extruder  covers the middle layer, so the feeling and the strength of the film is like Calcium Carbote is not used.

Currently, many lines are already installed on our customers in Turkey with perfect results and the market of A/B/A structure is growing very fast.

You could use these lines with belo formulation;

A: %15 Virgin SABIC 952 HDPE (%95 HDPE + %5 masterbatch)

B: %70 Mixture [%60 (%80’lik kalsit)+%20 SABIC952 HDPE+%20 SABIC118W LLDPE]

A: %15 Virgin SABIC 952 HDPE (%95 HDPE + %5 masterbatch)

We're hoping to hear for your interest about these machines. So please do not hesitate to cnotact us for further information and different kind of solutions..

You could download the catalouge of these machines here

Sincerely Yours,


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