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Production features Alveolar multi-purpose sheet
Alveolar multi-purpose sheet/laminates Format Sheets from 250 g/m2 up to 4000 g/m2
Sheets with minimun lenght 500 mm
Indicative width (mm) Up to 2200 mm

MANAGING: easy-to-manage touch screen ; "Live" for production (opt.)

FEEDING: gravimetric hopper feeder ; multi-component dosing unit (opt.)

PROCESSING: extruders
60/80/100/120/140/160/180 - L/D 30 and L/D 34

FORMING: 3+3+3/5+5+5 layers

COOLING: conformer roller; double calender unit

RECYCLING: direct refeeding; regranulator (opt.)

TREATING: one-side; double side (opt.)

WINDING: guillotine and stacking units

UNWINDING: semi automatic unwinding stations

All our suppliers has ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System and CE Quality Standarts certifications.