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T-XXL Series


Product Features

  • The CLF Intelligent Machine, Extra Large and Extra Strong for Extra Performance.
  • Optimum Design of Rigid Mold Platen. The optimized box-type mold platen is designed and analyzed by CAD/CAE and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to assure minimum deformation, maximum toughness and excellent durability.
  • Toggle Motion Analysis for the all new toggle clamping mechanism.
  • Extremely Robust Tie Bars, Tie Bar Nuts, Maximum Wear Resistance and Toughness.
  • High Pressure Resistant Toggle Bushing.
  • Rigid Double Cylinder on Injection Mechanism for Powerful Injection.
  • Japanese-made High Performance Micro-computer Control with Colored LCD Screen. 
  • High Plasticization, High Mixing Screw design.

All our suppliers has ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System and CE Quality Standarts certifications.